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Date: 30.01.2023


The terms and conditions you agree to when you buy the product:




Part 1. The store guarantees:


1. tech support response within 24 hours of contact. 

Usually tech support answers much faster, except during night time.


2. Functioning of the accounts within 24 hours since their purchase if all rules and conditions of the accounts described in Part 2 are complied with.

Start using accounts right away, as many sites delete accounts for inactivity / do scheduled purges. After 24 hours of purchase, even if you haven't used your accounts, we will not be able to give you a refund.


3. Accounts will be replaced within 1 hour of purchase if the accounts are inoperable due to the fault of, provided that all terms and conditions of accounts set forth in Part 2 are followed, and if a preliminary login check has been made before accounts are launched. 

If you logged in to the account and did something with it, and then it was banned, then it is no longer replaceable/refundable 


4. Refunds, if accounts can't be replaced. Refunds are available for Qiwi, Webmoney.

Returns on bank cards and other payment systems is not possible.


5. Sale of accounts in one hand.

Store does not and will never be in the business of reselling accounts.




Part 2. When using accounts purchased on, it is forbidden:


1. Login to 2 or more accounts without proxy and from the same device.

You can use accounts without a proxy and from one device (different browsers are not different devices), but in this case we will deny you replacement/refund.


2. use your home static ip-address, ipv6 proxy, public proxy, packet proxy, shared proxy.

You are allowed to use only personal (they are also individual) proxies ipv4, mobile and resident proxies.


Use any paid and free VPN services.

Any VPN service uses public ip-addresses, which are used by unauthorized people.


Use device emulators, virtual machines, VDS and VPS servers.

Any site can detect that you are not accessing it from a real device. This significantly lowers the trust of accounts and leads to their blocking.


5. Use proxy service for any accounts.

All those services are untrustworthy and may lead to blocking your accounts.




Part 3. The rest of the rules and conditions:


1. Orders are stored in the store for no more than 1 month.

We will not be able to restore your orders if you have lost/deleted them.


2. In case of long-term use of purchased accounts, customer is obliged to change passwords on them and take care of their security on his/her own.

This refers to cases when after one year someone steals your account for some reason. This way you can be sure that the problem is not with the store.


3. Purchased valid item is not refundable/replaceable.

This refers to cases when you were not careful when choosing an item and you want to make a return or exchange.


4. The store and its employees are not engaged in training and consulting.

We do not work with accounts, so we cannot fully advise you.


5. Buying accounts and leaving your email when purchasing, you automatically agree to the newsletter from our store.

Mailing is very rare.




By agreeing to the rules (at the time of purchase) client confirms that:


1. Customer reads the detailed description of the account.

2. Customer has read all the terms and conditions of the store and agrees with them.

3. After the purchase of the product, all responsibility is transferred to the client.

4. In case of violation of any point of the rules, the client has no claims to the store and its employees.

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